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Blue Hole Mineral Spring

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is about 25 minutes from Negril Jamaica. Blue Hole sits beneath a cavernous opening in Jamaica’s terrain and is completely encased by Karst limestone. The naturally occurring minerals in the limestone act as an underground filter for the steady upwelling of water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for guests to enjoy.

Feel the adrenaline and take a jump into the Blue Hole!

Next to the Blue Hole is an outside bar with cold Red Stripe available for purchase. Grab a float and relax in the natural mineral swimming pool. Or take on some locals in a game of sand volleyball. The mineral spring and swimming pool remains open until dark while the bar serves guests late into the evening and early morning hours until the last person leaves.

After a day at the Blue Hole, you will leave the Blue Hole Mineral Spring feeling rested and rejuvenated!